Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Q&A :: Caine [IM:LTD]

IM:LTD could call 2013 a good year. With a full-length LP project under their belts as well as a host of quality single releases, the French label seems to be going from strength to strength.
We decided it was high-time we got hold of bossman, Caine, to find out what makes the label tick. Read on for the lowdown.

Hi Caine, thanks for talking to us. Can you give us a little background into how IM:LTD came about? What made you want to set up a label?
Hi, thanks for having this interview.
I was already deep into music production and designing visuals for some other labels when I got offered to run my own imprint.
I saw an opportunity there to promote young upcoming producers such as Mortem, Atmospherix & Glen E.Ston.
People I was already in touch with that couldn’t actually fit the sound of the labels I was already working for.

How would you describe the music policy/ethos of  IM:LTD? Is it difficult crafting a product like a record label?
“Let the music do the talking” is what we stand for. We didn’t really make it easy for ourselves, we wanted the label to be as true to the underground and the Drum & Bass fans as we could, putting upfront almost unknown producers coming from barely known local scenes.
Now when it comes to the efforts of putting on a decent label, I already knew regarding my former experiences what it would demand to do it to the fullest. I knew it wouldn’t be a piece of cake, but overcoming obstacles is already a reward in itself…now I’m broke, I’m tired but I’m content as it seems we have some bright days ahead aha!

We hear you have a background in graffiti. Has that translated at all in the way you run your business?
Actually yes, it did a lot. Graffiti being all about “getting up”, I realised later the way I worked on this label project was actually with the same competitive mindset I had when I was bombing when applied to another media.

IM:LTD has quite a prolific release schedule compared to some labels. What's going on at the moment and what can we expect to hear in the near future?
We’re going to get back to a more reasonable release pace this year. Last year was all about having projects we initiated over the former years to finally come out.
But there are some pretty things already lined up starting with a forward thinking dubstep album from Kantyze which we’ve been working on for a year,
a couple of 12”s we are gathering remixes for and you can also expect something special from the IM:LTD camp to mark the 5 years milestone, so keep your ears open. 

You dropped a various artists album recently. How was the response to that? Are there many differences in the way you work towards an album compared to a single or EP release?
The response was super good…it actually always does when it’s a ‘VA’ project, I call it ‘the bundle effect’ aha.
Then it’s all about picking up the right music together, depending on what’s the release concept.

Are there any artists that you're really feeling at the moment?
There are loads, besides the label regulars such as Mortem, Arp Xp, Glen E.Ston and co, I am pretty excited about newcomers I have onboard such as Inertia from Madrid and Alpan Aytekin from Istanbul.
When it comes to what’s out there, there are a lot of people going from strength to strength I appreciate such as Foreign Concept, Villem, Fracture, the whole Manchester thing …

Current Top 5 tunes?
Derrick & Tonika :: Session [Forthcoming IM:LTD]
Phil Tangent :: We Don't Talk Anymore [Forthcoming IM:LTD]
Gerwin :: Soul Truth [IM:LTD]
Chimpo :: All Over [Soul:R]
Foreign Concept :: Paper Cha$er feat. Punchline [Critical Music]

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