Sunday, September 29, 2013

Q&A :: Earth Leakage Trip [NexGen Music/Moving Shadow]

Some of you may remember Earth Leakage Trip from Moving Shadow's glory days back in the early-to-mid nineties. 
He's recently returned to the scene with an EP of spacey 140 BPM beats for the Nexgen Music Group so we thought we'd get hold of him to find out what's been going on between then and now.

Hi there, can you introduce yourself to our readers and give us a little background into Earth Leakage Trip?
With my first record release in 1992 on Moving Shadow I formed Earth Leakage Trip, the name comes from a device to prevent electric shock. Since a young age I've been playing piano and around 1990 I bought a drum machine and a few other devices and recorded my first electronic works. 

You're most likely known for your early releases on Moving Shadow and Rising High Records back in the nineties. What have you been up to you between them and now?
I met Rob Playford from Moving Shadow before the label was formed and played him some of my demos. He invited me to his studio to record some new pieces and had a plan to release our first recordings on vinyl. We called it Psychotronic, a three track EP that featured the now legendary track "No Idea" which has since featured many times on compilations. I then signed up with Rising High Records and released two more EPs featuring another acclaimed piece called "The Ice Cream Van from Hell" which featured on a Telstar compilation called Kaos Theory.
A few years later I released some more pieces on Cooking Records which was a subsidiary label of Good Looking Records run by LTJ Bukem. Soon after that and since then I've still been composing, experimenting with playing live drums and recording live sessions and mixing it with electronics in my own studio space. 

You recently dropped an EP on US label, Nexgen Records. How did that come about? Was there any concept behind the EP?
Dan from the Nexgen Music Group called me up and invited me to release my latest work with his label and since then I've been compiling a mixture of projects. Earth Leakage Trip is me as a solo artist and ELT-Sessions is a group of us recording live performances in the studio. My solo work is right now experimenting with cinematic Dubstep, and ELT-Sessions in a future psychedelic funk style.
The concept for my latest EP release has been to evoke the mood of aliens and UFO's in semi playful cinematic style, and to also highlight the seriousness of the subject and need for disclosure in this area. Inspired by the work of Project Camelot it has been my desire to expand and help the ongoing movement of truth within the alternative media.

Any final thoughts or shout outs you'd like to add?
I would like to give a big shout to Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot for all her hard work in revealing the truth and to all musicians who are helping in spreading the word. 

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