Monday, October 14, 2013

The Perfect Recipe :: Response & Dominic Petrie Cooking Up A Storm On Ingredients

Ingredients Records came back strong this month with the beginning of a double release from Manchester new boy, Response, the first of which dropped earlier this month. This marked the beginning of a flurry of releases within a six week period, including the next single from Response and a seven-track EP from Aberdeen based producer, Dominic Petrie.
In this first part of our focus on Ingredients Records, we take a closer look at all three releases...

Following on from his collaboration with ST Files, which was also released on Ingredients a little while back, Response unleashed 'Creep' and 'Resistance' on a label which is synonymous with breaking new talent and justifiably respected for it. This single sets the tone for his forthcoming material with a focus on tough, stepping breaks, brooding atmosphere and heavy low end.
'Creep' exemplifies this perfectly, kicking things off with a simple two-step beat before building and dropping with heavy, distorted bass stabs which rumble along throughout. This is real heads-down business, reminiscent of classic Renegade Hardware and Phantom Audio releases, demonstrating how simplicity can do just as much damage on the dancefloor as more complicated sounding tracks.
'Resistance' comes with a slightly more rolling feel to it but hits just as hard with Burning Spear vocal samples and a dub-infused bassline. Check both tracks out below and see what you think.

Forthcoming on October 21st, the follow-up single from Response not only proves Clive at Ingredients' faith in this artist but also further cements him as a producer to keep your eye on. It's hard to believe he's been making music for ten years but is only just finding his way into the limelight now.
'Surveillance', which has been championed by the legendary Fabio and is a firm favourite here at Blackdub HQ, starts out where 'Resistance' left off. Although a little deeper than the tracks on the previous release it still holds enough weight for the dancefloor, which you'll understand when that bass drops. Comparisons to Marcus Intalex are easy to see here but that's a good thing in our opinion. Vibes!
'One Nation' is the moody teenager of this single. Deep, dark and coming with an old Virus style sound palette, this one grumbles along with a deadly reese bassline that was enough to make label owner, Clive come over all giddy.

You may not have heard the name Dominic Petrie before as, as far as we're aware, this is his first release under this moniker. However, like Response, he has been producing for a while, under the name Y2D, with a slew of releases under his belt on labels such as Nerve, Phuzion and Sound Artillery.
This EP really showcases his diversity as a producer with tracks like the sublime 'Riverside Blues' and 'Beyond the Wall of Sleep' bringing that Calibre style smoothness. In contrast to these, you have 'Ephemerol Test' and 'Exponent of Escape', which wouldn't sound out of place on an Autonomic podcast, as well as our favourite of the bunch, 'TMA1', with it's sparse soundscape and distorted bass.
The thing that ties all these tracks together is the atmosphere and the actual emotion and feeling you get from them which is a hard thing to accomplish these days. It also speaks volumes that this release was originally supposed to be a single but Clive and company at Ingredients couldn't decide firmly enough on two tracks to put out. We're also feeling the artwork on this one. Lovely stuff.

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