Saturday, September 15, 2012

Introducing :: Protect Audio

Drum and Bass is flourishing at the moment and with that, there is a consistent rash of labels popping up here and there. 
It's difficult in times like this to stand out from the crowd and keep the quality control high. Worcester based label Protect Audio seems to have both of these factors locked down. They already have a solid debut release out now in the shape of Marukumo's Visions/Ganymede so we thought we'd catch up with head-honcho Pete to find out what's up next.

For the people who don’t know much about you, can you give us a little background on yourself and Protect Audio?
I’m Pete, I’m 26 and I own Protect Audio (sounds like blind date haha). I’ve always had a massive interest in music and I’ve played different instruments for the last 15 or so years.  I started off playing drums at age eleven and soon moved onto bass and guitar. I still play guitar now. 
Around the age of sixteen I started playing around with FL studio, making some weird Aphex Twin inspired music as I was really into that trippy genre back then. At age eighteen I thought about going to guitar school and getting a degree in technical guitar playing as I wanted to teach/session etc. Instead I got a job and worked for a couple of years then went to SAE Institute London to study audio engineering. I ended up quitting my course after a year and I started a small label named Tongue Flap. This is where I learnt the foundations of music business and music management etc. 
2012 came along and it was time to start Protect Audio and really focus it on nineties influenced Drum and Bass. I've been building up my contacts and knowledge over the past three to four years so starting the label and getting people aware of it was a bit easier. We’re now just waiting for PA002 to land on September 17th.

How would you describe the ethos behind the label? What do you feel sets you apart from everyone else?
Protect Audio's ethos is to release Drum and Bass that has a nineties inspiration but with a 2012 feel. We’re not aiming for the commercial sounds and not trying to follow a trend. We just release music that we love which has enough firepower to compete with the big boys and it appears to be working. We’ve had some amazing DJ feedback & support so far. Watch out!

What’s up next release-wise for Protect Audio?
On September 17th we have The Protection EP dropping worldwide. It’s a four track various artists EP featuring Congress, Mono, Homemade Weapons and Marukomu. There is something for everyone in this release and we’re very proud of it. As for forthcoming music, we have a release from Homemade Weapons, Cursa and Hyroglifics. I’ve already said too much so you’ll have to wait to find out more info!!!

Any shouts or final thoughts you’d like to add?
Thanks to everyone that is supporting Protect Audio and cheers to all the guys who work very hard for me. You can hear our forthcoming release by playing the Soundcloud set below.

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