Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blackdub Podcast #8 feat. Able Danger

It's time once again for another installment of our podcast series. Episode 8 brings with it our first Dubstep guest mix from Surround Sound Recordings' own Able Danger plus our usual round-up of recent Drum & Bass releases.

You can also find out more about Able Danger and Surround Sound in our forthcoming interview with the production duo as well as last year's Q&A with label co-owner, Lethal here.

Hope you enjoy the show!


Able Danger In The Mix:
Warsa :: Terminal 502 [Deceast]
Kryptic Minds :: The Talisman [Tectonic]
Matt U :: Frequency [Black Box]
Tunnidge :: Empty Spaces [Chestplate]
Catacombs :: Music Mi Love [Macabre Unit]
Vivek :: Asteroid [System Sound]
Genetix :: Mohair [Bacon Dubs ]
Warsa :: Recon [Deceast]
Quantum Soul :: Underworld [Uprise Audio]
Matt U :: Threshold [Black Box]
Proxima :: Valve Wars [Tempa]
Sleeper :: Narcissus [Osiris Music]
Genetix :: Prototype [Bacon Dubs]
Kryptic Minds :: Bad Man VIP [Osiris Music]
Seven :: Go To War [Uprise Audio]
Able Danger :: Insane Hype [Forthcoming Surround Sound]
DJ Madd :: The Life You Chose (Distance Remix) [Black Box]
Able Danger :: The Rubicon [Surround Sound]

Enorme In The Mix:
Loxy, Resound, Escher & Blocks :: Monsters [Narratives Music]
Cern :: Micromega [Renegade Hardware]
Kantyze :: Dren [M-Atome]
Kolectiv :: Cryllic (DLR Remix) [Scientia Music]
Fracture :: Better Than Tomorrow [Metalheadz]
DBR UK & Mtwn :: Shrapnel [Dispatch Limited]
Bredren, M-Zine & Scepticz :: Faction [Proximity Recordings]
Mortem :: Iceberg [Metalheadz]
 Kolectiv :: Launchpad (Xtrah Remix) [Scientia Music]
Coma :: Half Ounce [Mute:8 Recordings]
Fre4knc, Mtwn & Mindmapper :: Relic [Samurai Music]
Cern & Dabs :: Hell Rose [Dispatch Recordings]
Generic :: Get Away [ BIOS Recordings]
Imagine This & Buck Rogers :: Bounce (DLR Remix) [Bass Mechanix Audio]
Emperor :: Radar [Critical Music]
Kantyze :: Marauder VIP [ M-Atome]
Raw Q & Amaning :: Sirocco [ BIOS Recordings]
Ruffie :: Refugee [Forthcoming AutomAte]
Kolectiv :: Dog Pad (Zero-T Reprint) [Scientia Music]
Ed:it :: Cargo Dub (Total Science Remix) [Rooted Recordings]
Dabs & Safire :: Back & Forth (Mako, DLR & Ant TC1 Remix) [Dispatch Recordings]
Ulterior Motive :: Right Here [Metalheadz]