Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blackdub Podcast #9 feat. Gareth Hocking [Curves Newcastle], Deficit [AutomAte DNB] & J(ay).A.D [Liquorish Dubz]

It's podcast time again and this one is long-overdue so we've brought you a special three hour extravaganza covering all the bases from sublimely minimal to teched-out rinse outs, as well as some Footwork style Jungle infused beats.
First up is a cornerstone of the Newcastle Bass music scene, Gareth Hocking who is reknowned for being able to mix pretty much anything from Dancehall to Breaks and Dubstep to Jungle. We've managed to get a Drum & Bass set out of him and it doesn't disappoint!
The second hour brings AutomAte D&B head-honcho, Deficit to the fray with more razor sharp beats and bass, quick mixing and an admirable attention to detail. He's gone in deep with this and further cements why we've been supporting this fledgling label since its inception last year.
Lastly we have Amsterdam based Footwork soldier, Jay (A.D) coming with a diverse blend of dark Footwork, Juke and fresh Drum & Bass as well as some of his own productions which you can hear on Amsterdam imprint, Liquorish Dubz, Groundmass Records and the recently released 'Mad13' compilation, which is available as a free download from the Mad Hop Bandcamp page.
We'll have interviews up with all of this month's guests in due course and  as always, thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the show!


Gareth Hocking In The Mix:
Synkro :: Progression (Indigo Remix) [Exit Records]

dBridge :: Death Of A Drum Machine [R&S Records]
Blade & Arp-1 :: Lithuanian Beauty [Fokus Recordings]
Stereotype :: Mars One [Disturbed Records]
Against :: Afterlife [Shopopalo]
Alix Perez :: We Could Have Been feat. D.Ablo [Shogun Audio]
dBridge & Skeptical :: Move Way [R&S Records]
Serial Killaz :: One More Time [FBK VIP]
Craggz & Parallel :: Invasion [Yabai 84]
Hybris :: Understand Now [Dispatch Recordings]
Enei :: The Bonebreaker [Critical Music]
Cyantific :: Hold Back [CYN Music]
Aquasky vs. Crash Berlin :: Movin' The Hype Track feat. Kool Keith (Cyantific Remix) [Passenger]
Enei & Emperor :: Liberation [Critical Music]
Chroma :: Knock Knock [CIA Records]
Fracture :: Gangbusters [Meatlheadz]
Chroma :: Intermission [CIA Records]
DJ SS :: Lighter (1999 Mix) [Formation Records]

Deficit In The Mix:

Wreckless :: Face Of The Deep feat. Just Some Guy [Peer Pressure]
>>>> Wreckless :: Peace feat. Rob Cole [Peer Pressure]
Origin Unknown :: Truly One [Ram Records]
Cern :: Apparition [Samurai Music]
Codex :: Vodun [Tribe 12]
>>>> Antagonist :: Cult [Dust Audio]

Ruffhouse & Clarity :: Persecute [Critical Modulations]
Ruffhouse :: Bypass [Ingredients Reecords]
Origin Unknown :: Sound In Motion [Ram Records]
>>>> Raiden :: Roentgen [Architecture]
SpectraSoul :: Light In The Dark feat. Terri Walker [Shogun Audio]
Philth :: Submarine [AutomAte]
Anile :: Induction [Deep Soul Music]
Fearful & Keosz feat. Black Louis :: Scars [Citrus Recordings]
Fuj :: Pressure Plates [AutomAte Deep Dub]
Luxor :: I Want To Live [AutomAte Deep Dub]
Rockwell :: My War [Shogun Audio]
Vince Grain :: Roswell Eyewitness [AutomAte]
Raiden :: Baptism Of Fire [Voodoo Music]
>>>> ModeBlue :: Near East [AutomAte Deep]
Raiden :: Danzon [Voodoo Music]
Xtrah :: Soundclash [Critical Music]
>>>> Future Cut :: Ghetto Style (Evol Intent Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
>>>> Paradox :: A Certain Sound (Drumworx VIP Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
Fon :: Mistaken Coincidence [AutomAte Dub]
Fresh :: Signal [Ram Records]
Arclight :: Pluroform [AutomAte Tech]
Bad Company UK :: 4 Days [BC Recordings]
>>>> Bad Company UK :: The Nine [BC Recordings]
>>>> Concord Dawn :: Raining Blood [Renegade Hardware]

Jay (A.D) In The Mix:

Wellbelove :: Planq Time [Unknown]
Wellbelove :: GlitterBoy [Unknown]
Graphs :: Catabasis [Unknown]
Pawn :: Your Words [Forthcoming Shoot Recordings] 
DJ Nate :: Back Down [Planet Mu]
DJ Nate :: Make 'Em Run [Planet Mu]
Chrissy Murderbot :: The Original [Forthcoming Shoot Recordings] 
DJ Nate :: Hatas Our Motivation [Planet Mu]
DJ Diamond :: Perk 2012 [Liquorish Dubz] 
J(ay).A.D :: Chakra [Groundmass Records] 
J(ay).A.D :: Woah [Groundmass Records] 
 Dub Phizix & Skeptical :: Marka feat. Strategy [Exit Records]
Clarity :: Constant [Exit Records]
dBridge & Skeptical :: Move Way [R&S Records] 
Clarity :: Off The Cuff [Exit Records]
Ivy Lab :: Brat [Critical Music] 
Amit :: Roots [Tempa]
Indigo :: The Root [Exit Records]
Rockwell & Untold :: Rekohu Sunrise [Critical Music]
Xtrah - Soundclash [Critical Music]
Fracture & Dawn Day Night - Get Busy [Exit Records]
Rockwell :: -)- [808] [Exit Records] 
Fracture :: The Limit (VIP) [Astrophonica]
Stray :: LA Zoom [Exit Records]


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