Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blackdub Podcast #2: DJ Reevah

We've been away for a while but we're back with a new podcast guaranteed to shake the cobwebs out! 
Step forward DJ Reevah, a fellow Scotsman we've been in contact with since Blackdub's inception. We thought it was high time we got a mix from him and he's delivered 90 minutes of  deep, dark rollers and classic techstep with a few dubs thrown in for good measure. 

Read on for the interview and you can find the podcast player at the bottom of this post along with a link to download the mix. Enjoy!

For the people who don't know much about you, can you give us a little background on yourself?
I'm Lewis, 29 and a married dad of one. I'm a self-employed joiner, originally from Peebles but been in Edinburgh for a good 10 years now.
I've been buying all kinds of music since I was 9, got into Jungle/Rave when I was 15 along with Hip-Hop and never looked back. I originally wanted to be a promoter/DJ but ended up starting a family quite young and put down the vinyl!
I got a set of CD decks in 2010 after eight years of not mixing and thought "fuck it"! I started putting up mixes which received support from a host of DJs, MCs and producers via connections I'd made on Twitter.
I've been a lifelong mixtape fan and try to put my mixes into this format as well as trying to balance selection with mixing! I'm yet to play out at a venue but would love to. Twitter @djreevah
You can catch Jammin J and myself on on rotation with Aesthetics and Renegade every Thursday from 8.30-10.30, the full spectrum of D&B! Guests, features, dubs and dodgy Scottish accents!

What was it that brought you back to the scene?
I went right off Drum and Bass in the mid 2000s. The scene had become very boring and the darker/deeper stuff was too fast. I still had my ear to the ground on some bits but generally my love was (and still is) with Ninja Tune.
It wasn't until 2009 when I caught a Raiden podcast which introduced me to DBR, Skeptical and Amoss to name a few. I was blown away with how stripped back and phat their beats sounded, so that was me straight back into D&B!

2012 has, in our humble opinion, been a great year for Drum and Bass already. What's your favourite tune so far?
Quite a few things! Spindall & Calm - Streams, DBR & Overlook - Stasis, Mechanizm's Dimensions EP on Vampire Records and Able Danger - Asteria come to mind.

How do you feel about the current state of D&B?
Too many things sadly! From the state of raves to the use of the 'Junglist' tag as a fashion accessory! The biggest piss-off for me though is the total lack of knowledge from a lot of people 'involved' in D&B: no knowledge of places, people, venues, tunes, labels or any of the other stuff that has shaped D&B over the years.

Are there any other genres you're feeling at the moment?
I mix Techno, Dubstep, Hip-Hop and anything else I fancy. I like many genres, really feeling a lot of Techno bits at the moment!

Can you give us a little insight into the mix you've done for us?
I always try to maintain a deep rolling vibe, a 'journey' mix if you will. Hope people enjoy listening to this on the commute as much as they do chilling on a Friday or walking the dog. 

Finally, any shout outs or anything else you'd like to add?
Shout outs to DJ EC, Jammin J, Aesthetics, Renegade (Nexus Kru), Deficit, Able Danger, DBR UK, Inside Corrosion, Dissect, Boba, Broken Audio, Spindall, Dave Lowe, Melodie Wu, Salex, Mechanizm, Surround Sound Recordings, 2ShyMC, AutomAte, Nathan DNB Movement, Rude FM... Big ups!
Thank you to all who've checked out my mixes! 

Halogenix - Tender Chain
Ortokore - Peg Leg (AutomAte Dub)
Sabre - Halo Danger
Anile - Oldsoul
Arclight - Surgikal (AutomAte Dub)
Loxy & Ink - Artical
Darqwan - Warrior Stance (Amit Remix)
dBridge - Creatures Of Habit
Future Forces - Dead By Dawn
Mosus & S.P.Y - 1999
Phace - Non Human
NPhonix & Enei - Transparent
SpectraSoul - In Profile
Amit - Motherland
Enei - One Chance 
Ray Keith - Chopper (Serum Remix)
Dave Owen - Heaven Scent
Cause4Concern & Fierce - Moonbreaker
Fierce & Vicious Circle - Spectre
Calibre - 2 Drop
Jubei - The Take
Aesthetics - ? (Dub)
Arclight - Pluroform (AutomAte Dub)
DBR UK - Policies
DBR UK - Anaconda
DBR UK - Agents
DBR UK - Charged
DBR UK - Fortress
DBR UK - Fighting The Storm
Jammin - Tribe 
Able Danger - Asteria
Fearful - Gorilla (AutomAte Dub) 

Direct Download (Right Click + Save As):
Thanks to Dark Skies for the webspace!

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