Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blackdub Podcast #7 feat. Hex

It's time once again for a new installment of our podcast series and number seven comes in the form of a two hour show featuring myself (Enorme) in the mix as well as a special guest appearance from Glasgow's own Hex, who has a release forthcoming on AutomAte, co-runs Symbiosis; Glasgow's premier monthly D&B party and also manages to maintain his own blog at the DNB Dojo

This month's show is packed full of forthcoming music from AutomAte, Structured Music, Black Sun Empire, Surround Sound and more.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Q&A with Hex and enjoy the show!


Enorme In The Mix:
Philth :: Submarine [Forthcoming AutomAte Deep]
Genotype :: All Broken Up [Nurtured Beatz]
JoJoe :: 4th Floor [Alignment Records]
Enei :: Thin Line [Critical Music]
M-Zine, Scepticz & MTWN :: Otomy (Mos Beef Edit) [Freebie]
Octane, DLR & EBK :: Zulu Fade [Dispatch Recordings]
Matt Pulsar :: Wickerman [Forthcoming Structured Music]
Able Danger & Torment :: Democide [Forthcoming Surround Sound Recordings]
Survival & Silent Witness :: Feel It [Dispatch Recordings]
>> Hybris :: Those People [Subtitles Music]
Exit9 & NFR :: Refuse To Lose [Forthcoming Structured Music]
>> Breakage :: Clarendon [Digital Soundboy Recordings]
Kalm & Spindall :: Expressions [Nurtured Beatz Freebie]
Quartz :: Seppuku [Freebie]
Ruffhouse :: Pellet [Alignment Records]
Spinline & Hydro :: Understand? [Horizons Music]
Mindscape :: Gene Labs [Commercial Suicide]
>> FD :: Break & Enter [Metalheadz]

Maztek :: Limber [Renegade Hardware]
Fearful & Keosz :: Obedience [Future Funk Music]
Jay Mythix :: Forsaken [Forthcoming Structureed Music]
Hybris :: The Cleaner VIP [Critical Music]
Tom Small :: Unreal Soul [Broken Audio Recordings]
Marukomu :: Emerge [Forthcoming AutomAte Deep]
>> Billion :: Defence feat. Sense & Codebreaker [Alignment Records
Stray :: Contract [Blu Mar Ten Music]

Hex In The Mix:
Lethal :: Seductive (Hex Remix)
Digital & Spirit :: Phantom Force (Fracture's Astrophonica Edit) [Phantom Audio]
Kuantum :: Lost & Found [IM:Ltd]
Dub Phizix :: Rainy City Music [Ingredients]
Naibu & Ena :: Nothing Special (feat. Key) [Horizons]
M.Pathy :: Grit [Terabyte]
Arkaik & MCXL :: Game Changer [Diffrent]
Mefjus :: Signalz [Critical]
Octane & DLR :: Set Up The Set (feat. Script) [Dispatch]
Audio Habitat :: Smoking [Sidechain]
Noisia :: Diplodocus [Quarantine]
Hex :: Tin Man [AutomAte Dub]
Optiv & CZA :: Bring It Back [SGN:Ltd]
Telekinesis :: She Wants To Skate [Eatbrain]
Black Sun Empire :: All Is Lost (Memtrix Remix) [BSE]
Silent Witness & Break :: The Hills Have Ears [Symmetry]
8-Bits & Q-Project :: Lowend Theory [CIA]
Arclight :: Pluroform [AutomAte]
Telekinesis :: Machines [oBSEssions]
Emperor :: The Fire [Neosignal]
Mindscape, Audio & Stapleton :: Truth Hurts [Commercial Suicide]
Calyx & Teebee :: Skank [RAM]
Neonlight :: Sprech Funk [Lifted]
Donny & Katharsys :: Wraith [Barcode]

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